LCD Monitors in Online Stores

In every online store you can find all bunch of different LCD monitors with prices ranging from less than $100 to $70.000. No, it is not a typo - on Amazon you may find LCD monitors that cost more than 70 thousand dollars

After going through hundreds of LED and LCD monitors on Amazon and other stores I have noticed that first that they don’t know the difference. I will do my best to pick just LCD monitors here so you don’t have to spend your time searching.

So, In this article I will explain everything you need to know when searching for LCD monitor in specific price range. Therefore, I will split this article in few sections:

- $50 to $100 LCD Monitor Price Range

- $100 to $200 LCD Monitor Price Range

- $200 to $300 LCD Monitor Price Range

- $300 to $400 LCD Monitor Price Range

Before we start with this article I want to make sure that you understand what is LCD monitor, difference between LCD and LED monitor and how they work. I really don’t want to explain everything over and over again on my website so check other articles as well.

LCD Monitors in $50 to $100 Price Range

Now, let me start with LCD monitors in lowest price range $50 to $100. I have spent a lot of time searching for all information about them so I'm listing here best models in this price range. One last notice, I’m looking at new monitors - not used or refurbished devices.

So, in this price range you will mostly find LED monitors that are wrongly described, because people don’t pay attention to what they do. Anyway, I really recommend purchasing LED monitor from this price range because of few reasons:

- LED monitors are cheap and you will find bunch Full HD monitors in this price range

- There is no much difference between LCD and LED monitors in terms of performance

- You will not notice difference between 2ms, 5ms, 7ms or 14ms response time

LCD Monitors in $100 to $200 Price Range

When you would ask me whether I would recommend you LCD or LED monitor, few years ago I would recommend LCD only in case that you are passionate gamer and you need low latency. Nowadays, I don’t really know is there any benefit to purchase LCD over LED.

In overall, that is really all the same now. What I would recommend you i would be LED IPS monitor. Why? Because I have two monitors on my table in front of me, one 19 inch Philips LCD and 21 inch LG IPS LED display screen. Believe me, I will never buy anything less than IPS. Now, let's get back to our article.

And... there is none on Amazon in this price range. Of course, you will find bunch of them like:

- Dell Gaming Monitor SE2417HG

- LG 24MB35P-B


- Samsung 2243BWT


When you take a quick look at Amazon specification you will see specification like this one:

Amazon Inaccurate LCD Monitor Listing

So now you would ask me: “What is wrong here? What are you talking about?” As you can see from the image above, this Dell Gaming Monitor is listed as LCD monitor. That would mean that as a backlight it has CCFL because, as we already know, CCFL is LCD monitor. If it has diodes as backlight then it is LED monitor.

I know that here it says LCD but when you go to Dell official website you will find this:

Dell LCD Monitor Inaccurate Listing

I`m really sorry - its LED. Chech it ou on NewEggg sales page. Of course, just to make sure you can check directly at manufacturer website. Here is page about Dell Gaming Monitor on Dell Website

I have checked almost monitors on Amazon listed as LCD. All I could find were few of them really LCD monitors but they are out of stock. You may buy only refurbished or used one. Because of that, we will move to next price category.

LCD Monitors in $200 to $300 Price Range

Same story applies here as well when we talk about inaccurate product listing. Many of the advertised LCD monitors are in fact LED’s. You will find that out once you dig dipper and check manufacturer documentation. Luckily for you, I have spent whole day looking at their documents so I have found two LCD monitors in this price range.

AOC 919SW-1 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor - $295

To be totally honest with you, I would not purchase 19 inch monitor as it is really small for me. I would not buy this particular model because of few reasons:

- Very high price - there are many LED monitors that are better and cheaper that this one

- It is 1400x900 pixel monitor, not Full HD

- 800:1 contrast ratio

- Outdated

This monitor got really great reviews few years ago, 8 years ago to be exact. For that period of time it was great. But just think for a second, why purchase now in 2016 something that was OK in 2008?

When I look at specification of AOC 919SW-1 only benefit of owning this monitor could be its piano black finish, if you like that. Everything else is just poor, except latency which is 5ms - acceptable even today.

ViewSonic VP2365WB 23-Inch IPS LCD Monitor - $283

That leads us to our second LCD monitor in this price range. ViewSonic VP2365WB is 23 inch wide LCD monitor with IPS panel. It is Full HD monitor with native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and 16:0 aspect ratio.

Considering that it is IPS panel, you can expect great response time which is 14ms (on/off) and 5ms gray-to-gray with 1000:1 contrast ratio (20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio). It has analog (RBG analog) and DVI (digital) connector, together with 4 USB ports. Power consumption is 130W (max) and 110W (typical).


- 90 degrees pivot, 5 inch height adjust

- 360 degree swivel and tilt function

- 4 USB ports

- Great color reproduction


- Expensive

- Outdated

LCD Monitors in $300 to $400 Price Range

Final Thoughts

When looking LCD monitors in specific price range bear in mind that, first of all, they do not have many benefits over LED monitors. Moreover, they tend to be more expensive and hard to find. In most cases listings on store websites are inaccurate so spend some time researching models that you want to buy.

I have checked more than 100 different LCD monitors in all price ranges for the researching purpose for this article. What I have found is that most of them are outdated models with high price. My recommendation is to go and check LED monitors as they are less expensive, more reliable and in overall better than LCD’s.

If you have found interesting LCD monitor that I should check or you want to share something with all readers here on my site feel free to massage me. I will edit this article adding your massage so everyone could read it. Thank you for your time and help providing valuable information.